About us

We are virtual company. This is it, we are SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) where every single employee work from home or some place picked. Its seems amusing to tell about it, not because we have invented of course (USA companies work like this), but here in Costa Rica its not a regular way to go.

Where are our offices?

We have no offices and time except for the occasional meeting, we find that we do not need.Internet connectivity is whats keeping us joined and a bunch coordination and teamwork tools.

This is possible thanks to digital products. This means savings in operating costs. These savings pass on to our end customers, providing very competitive prices. is a Costa Rican company dedicated to provide solutions, especially designed to solve business and / or individual needs of our customers.

Since it was founded, the company has dedicated to total customer satisfaction. We have accomplished this by offering our products and services provided including technology at competitive prices.


In 2002 three friends, who were working for a third party to administer servers in linux web hosting, we mentioned the poor service provided to company customers. So we decided to separate from the company and start giving customers a better choice of web hosting on our own.

Due to technical limitations and high cost of Internet services in Costa Rica, we decided to provide excellent service at the lowest possible cost, it was the best to rent servers in one of the most prestigious centers data of the United States.

Initially we provided only domains registration (.com / .net / .org) and Linux shared web hosting. However, in November 2004, on request of our customers, we started shared web hosting service in Windows. Since then we focus 100% dedicate to the development of these products and the introduction of new related products such as SSL certificates..

We realized 80% of our customer base were Costa Ricans and they had all come to us by referral from other clients. Analyzing Costa Rican market, we realized it was a neglected market, and the few sellers who had had very high prices as well we decided to focus on giving the best possible care for our clients.

At the end of 2008 we made the decision to create a as separate solution, exclusive for Costa Rica and Spanish-speaking clients..

Therefore is defined as a Virtual Company whose business is handled by 100% this way. We are in Heredia, Costa Rica, while our servers, located in Texas, USA, are administered remotely.

Mission Statement

Providing excellence in Internet presence for individuals and businesses of all kinds users, offering a comprehensive solution to your web needs, providing the highest quality at the best price.


Consolidate as a prestigious company thanks to excellence in our services..

Offering the widest range of alternatives with a strong commitment to always keep quality that our customers deserve.